Writing a Dissertation Methodology

As a university graduate student, you should understand that the methodology’s objective is not to describe your research’s various methods. It also entails demonstrating the reason for choosing them and how you applied them in your writing. The main thing to show involves the meticulous approach you took towards your study. At every point of your essay, always ensure that you maintain a clear and concise writing style as it will help the reader understand you better and digest the information on your paper. Here are the top tips you should consider when jotting a dissertation methodology.

  1. Peruse on other sections of the methodology

Request your educator or supervisor to assist you with a couple of examples of dissertations that got written previously. When you go through the samples written by past authors, you will have a clear idea of what the end product of your writing should resemble.

  1. Make a plan for the structure of your text

Depending on which method of research you have banked on to use, you should ensure that the dissertation methodology you incorporate maintains a clear structure, with crystal sections that illuminate a firm and robust argument backed up by justifications for the methods of research you have. In this section, you may want to incorporate the following headings:

  • Research methods
  • Aims
  • References and data analysis

After coming up with a great outline, seek advice from your supervisor if anything you may have omitted and whether the structure used seems logical.

  1. Think about your Audience

As you write your paper, consider the people who will get to read it at some point. For instance, if you decide to utilize the research methods that get commonly chosen in your field of research, you do not need to stress yourself out by explaining or justifying the background information in the context. In case you decide to go for the less popular methods or approach, you should provide more details on how and why you choose the given form or technique.

  1. Do not lose your focus on the research questions and objectives

The dissertation methodology you write should indicate why the methods of research you chose are the right ones and why they are the best ones for your study’s objectives. As you register your methodology, ensure that you maintain a line of your paper choices to the aims you initially had for your dissertation. If you want help in remaining in a focused mood as you jot, ensure you include a vivid definition of the research question, which you aim to answer at the beginning of your section on methodology.

  1. Refer to any obstacle that you encountered

In case you faced a problem during the collection of data or in the phases of analysis, utilize the section of methodology to voice what you did and address the underlying issues.


The dissertation is the most time-consuming and difficult part of getting to finish a research project. The best weapon against that is to have and maintain a clear structure throughout the writing process. Always remember that the reader must have a vivid understanding of your text. Use the methodology section to justify your choice of research methods. Ensure you keep your personal opinions, interests, or thoughts at bay to avoid missing facts. It is an academic paper; always remember that every day.

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