Air Jordan 3 Retro “True Blue”

Air Jordan 3 Retro “True Blue”
Air Jordan 3 Retro “True Blue”

Saturday August 8 2009

“The Air Jordan 3 (III) ‘True Blue’ re-retro is one of the most anticipated releases this year.  Jordan connoisseurs have been highly anticipating this amazing shoe debut.  This pair is not scheduled to release in the US at all.  It is a focused international release only.  Livestock will be one of the few retailers in North America to have these Air Jordan 3’s.  It is scheduled to release Saturday August 8 2009.

One of the shoes that started the Elephant Print trend in the Jordan line back in the late 80’s, the Air Jordan 3 Retro “True Blue” were released in 2001.  These were very popular, and sneaker fiends did whatever it took to get their hands on a pair.  They feature a white leather upper with elephant print at the heel, toe area and lacing tabs, which was uncommon.  The blue trimming and accents are really nice, and help add to the shoe’s popularity.

The Air Jodan 3 (III) was originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, who may actually be responsible for keeping Michael Jordan at Nike, who back then was signed with them, but was planning to walk until he placed his eyes on the marvelous pair of shoes we call the Air Jordan 3 (III).

Today the True Blue III retro sells for close to $600 USD.  It is a pair that is highly regarded and known as one of the best shoes ever made by Nike and Jordan.

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