There are certain situations in life that boggles the mind.  A series of events that perplexes you to the point where your head actually hurts from analyzing it.  Then, there are W.T.F. moments.  These are the particular moments that not only puzzles you, but vexes you so much that it deserves a harsh diatribe.  So, every so often we will unleash those “inner thoughts” that we all think, and share them with you as those W.T.F. moments occur.  Let the onslaught begin…

Warning: The following page contains mature subject matter and is suitable for adults only.  If you have a weak constitution or are easily offended by frank language, please do not continue.  Reader discretion is advised.

trip a bitch.

britney_badweaveWell well, where do I begin?  This past Caribana weekend could have been live if only it weren’t for  some of the chicks.  Yes, I said it, CHICKS!  Everyone is quick to call out the yardie dude that looks like a fisherman, or the one not wearing deodorant, but no one’s calling out the REAL problem up in the clubs today…CHICKS.

I’m tired of having certain girls that think they the hottest shit since slice bread, while wearing weave that looks like a horse’s ass.  Thinking that they own the fucking club while beggin’ men to buy them drinks and standing in the corner, not cause you look cute but cause you know you can’t walk in dem heels without snappin’ your ankles!

pet peeve #1:

Just cause you got a new weave don’t mean the people dancing behind you gotta eat that shit.  Keep your hair in check!

pet peeve #2:

Make sure your weave don’t smell like it’s been sitting on some dusty ass shelf for the past month.  Febreze that ish please!!!

pet peeve #3:

Learn to say excuse me or sorry.  Cause if you cutting through a club and bumping and stepping on people without using those words, trust me I will trip you!

pet peeve #4:

I don’t care WHO you are, but don’t, I repeat DON’T step on my shoes and just keep walking.  Cause believe me, that just ain’t cool and when you come around the next time…I will trip you!


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  1. hahahhahaha well i must say i find myself experiencing these same W.T.F moments…girls that think they are the hottest thing are actually really annoying to me, there is absolutely nothing worse than when ur out in a club than to have to deal with weave flashing around in ur face, or bear to look at some chick whos struggling to walk in sum bitch ass heels….anyways just really wanna say i agree and would do the same…I WILL TRIP YOU !!!!..bloody skanks

  2. Simple comment! These females have insecurities and the best way to cover those is to act overconfident. Hence the ridiculous weave high heels they can’t walk in and begging drink so other girls think “he bought her a drink”

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