wings + horns F/W 2009 Collection

wings + horns F/W 2009 Collection
wings + horns F/W 2009 Collection

Having been released a couple years now, this Vancouver-bred brand has already created a niche within the fashion industry world-wide.  Adored for their emphasis on simple designs and cuts with a twist, their pieces are timeless, their look is of effortless chic, and the most impressive aspect of their collections, it’s all made in Canada.  Their pieces are of the utmost quality, and they are renown for their knits.  And in keeping with their tradition of high craftsmanship, their fall/winter 2009 collection further highlights the wings + horns culture.

For Fall/Winter 2009, they present as usual some really strong fleece pieces, but also great shirts, jackets and accessories.  The brand introduces new cotton/cashmere mixes and as well as insulated chambray outerwear.  The collection is casual and laid back, but while the pieces look comfortable enough to curl up on the couch in, you’ll think twice after considering the high quality material used to make them.  A Diamond Knit Henley and Wool Hand-Knit Hoodie deserve trips to the local dry cleaner, not the bottom of your hamper with the ordinary stuff.  wings + horns may have outdone themselves with their star Melton Wool Award Jackets (Dark Oxford/Navy) and co-star Box Rib Cardigan (Navy/Gray). Likely to be the best varsity jackets and cardigans this fall/winter season, it begs the question, how are they going to top themselves for the next collection?  This collection truly highlights their mantra of implementing innovative cuts on usually rather classic silhouettes.  Their pieces this season are of simplicity, but with attention to details and a juxtaposition of different fabrics, materials and not to mention, the use of toned down colours.  As always with wings+ horns, this season’s pieces can be worn for years to come, without having to worry about being “outdated”.  See, that is the brilliance of their designs, their collections are a wise investment as one can play around with them and still look effortless.  And the best element: it’s home grown!  It is Canadiana at its best.  Timeless, understated, of impeccable quality and Canadian…it doesn’t get any better than this!

Static Jersey Scarf – Gray Thermal Scarf – Gray Diamond Knit Beanie – Charcoal

Cotton Cashmere Beanie/Scarf – Charcoal/Gray Chino Pant – Black/Khaki/Navy/Olive wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-1

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-2 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-3 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-4

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-5 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-6 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-8

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-12 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-14 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-15

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-16 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-17 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-18

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-19 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-23 wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-26

wings-horns-fall-winter-2009-collection-27 wings-horns-fw09-2 wings-horns-fw09-4

wings-horns-fw09-5 wings-horns-fw09-6 wings-horns-fw09-7



431 Richmond Street West
(416) 682-1107

“We are accepting pre-orders on the new wings + horns items coming in for Fall/Winter ‘09.  Please contact us for more details.”

Holt Renfrew
50 Bloor Street West
(416) 922-2333

TNT blu
392 Eglinton Ave. West
(416) 972-1593

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