How To Smell Better

How To Smell Better
How To Smell Better

“You are not supposed to smell yourself; you are supposed to be smelled by other people.”

Cologne can be traced back to as far as the 18th century, launched in Cologne Germany by Giovanni Maria Farina.  It was designed to allow the wearer to feel fresh and revitalize others’ senses.  Flash-forward to present day and for many men, the age-old practice of spritzing on these oils to energize senses, have unfortunately been lost.  Instead of smelling like they just came out of the shower, they tend to smell like they just came out of a bathing in the cologne’s bottle.  So, we present to you the simple science behind what you really need to know about wearing cologne.  As trivial as this sounds, clearly there is an art behind this act that few have mastered.  Here are some simple rules for you to follow when entering the world of men’s fragrances.

get a fragrance made for a man

If you are going to buy a fragrance, make sure it’s for men.  Too many men today are buying unisex colognes and that’s really not going to get you anywhere.  Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce & Gabbana) said it best:

“We don’t love the word unisex.  It’s very similar to admiting to not having a personality.”

try it on your skin

cologne_guyHow can you buy a cologne based on how it smells in the air?!  You don’t buy a jacket based on how it looks on the shelf, do you?  And if you do, then you have a whole different set of problems.  Fact is you try on your jacket or pants to make sure that the fit is right before you make the purchase.  Buying a fragrance is no different.  Because colognes are composed of essential oils, the fragrance from these oils interact with your personal body chemistry, and the chemical reactions produce new fragrances.  Try it on your skin because chances are, the way it smells on you is not how it smelt on your friend.

apply it with a light hand

The idea behind wearing any fragrance is to leave people curious enough to inquire about what you’re wearing and not to knock out the people around you.  There is such a thing as putting on too much.  Sidebar, that’s why there is a thing known as taking a shower, it’s so you don’t have to cover up your body odour with a fragrance.

feel free to own more than one

The important thing is having a choice.  I can wear the same fragrance for 10 years just because I like it, or I can change it everyday because I feel like it.” Stefano Gabbana

manCologneWhy is that a certain group of my acquaintances all wear Cuba?!  It’s one thing when people can tell what you got on and it’s D&G, or Burberry.  But it’s another when they know it’s a $7 thrift cologne you got at the flea market. Please feel free to own more than one!  Colognes are meant to be a form of expression, so whatever mood you are in that day will determine the fragrance you want to convey.

the basics

The following are 6 of some of the most classic fragrances in the industry to date.  These colognes have been tried and tested and will satisfy any senses.

  1. D&G
  2. Burberry London
  3. Michael by Michael Kors
  4. Bvlgari Aqva
  5. Santos De Cartier
  6. Elements by Hugo Boss

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