Patent's 1st Annual "Fly Guy" Issue

T.O.'s Fashion Expert's
"T.O.'s Fashion Expert's"

“…But there is nothing better than a guy with a sense of style, persona and swag.  So, we’ve switched it up for this issue and dedicated it to all of you Patentable MEN out there…SWAG it out boys, with style of course.

Editors-in-Chief: Bianca Brown & Henrietta Toby”

For their very first issue dedicated to men and menswear, Patent Mag  (who generally caters to the “urban chic” generation of women) enlisted 4 of Toronto’s fashionisto’s and picked their brains on what their “It” item will be for fall/winter.  The result: 4 men whose styles are varied, came together to discuss about one common subject…their passion for menswear.

Congrats Patent Mag, and we here at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN look forward to your next issue dedicated to us guys!

And, be sure to look out for a special surprise at the very end of the article…


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