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“They’re closing down the rec today, second home to all my boys.  It was a place in our neighbourhood where all the scores were settled on the ball court, not by the trigger of a gun…”

With those haunting words being uttered, September 23 2009 will mark a beginning of an examination into the minds and experiences of an often misunderstood population of men. Secrets of a Black Boy recounts the stories of 5 black Toronto men: their trials, confessions and joys.  It is an honest and poignant look into these characters lives and the struggles they face on a daily basis.  Directed by Kimahli Powell and with writing contributions by Executive Director Trey Anthony, this powerful play will finally address the issues that the men in Toronto face.  And perhaps this time, we will all come to understand what’s really happening in our communities…

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September 23 2009 to October 3 2009 @ The Music Hall

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Secrets of a Black Boy

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