Style Blunders: The Long Nail

Style Blunder

Fashion is an expression of oneself through style and clothing. It is an art form that lives for creativity and breathes audaciousness. And while we here at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN believe that men should be fearless when it comes down to their style, we must admit, there are some…misjudgments in fashion that most men make. So we will put the spotlight on these “Style Blunders” and provide the remedy for each one.

We attempt to comprehend “The Long Nail”.


It still remains a mystery to us when we see men with long finger nails.  Even more mind-boggling, long nails on just the pinkie finger.  As we dug deep into the cultural references that are associated with this eyesore, history states that at one point, long finger nails represented a man who didn’t have to work, thus they didn’t require the use of their hands.  Whereas “peasants” required shorter nails for manual labour.  In this age, it seems that this is constantly the reasoning for long male finger nails.  Perhaps this was customary in the olden days, but we currently live in the modern era.  Longer finger nails no longer represent wealth, it just simply represents a disheveled appearance.  Unless you’re Wolverine, there is no need for this practice.  Period.


Easy: cut and manicure your nails.  Not limited to women anymore, manicures are the ideal way to maintain your nails.  A good manicure will ensure that one’s nails are clean, neat and trim.  A male manicure is basic pampering for men.  Much like a shave, a facial, and a haircut, a manicure is essential beauty grooming that makes men more appealing.

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