New Circles: Helping People In Need

There is no shortage of charitable organizations in this city, and by the same measure there is no shortage of people in need! Everyday we have new families and immigrants coming to this city, everyday people are loosing their jobs, everyday someone is going through something unfortunate circumstance that invariably leaves them all with little or no means with which to survive. We all know that shelter and food are part of the basic needs for people and living in this city and its harsh climate clothing wraps up the top 3 key necessities.

This is where the people at New Circles a not-for-profit organization steps in. They strive to help people in need throughout Toronto but primarily focus on new immigrants and residents of Flemingdon Park, Thorncliffe Park and Victoria Village all areas coined “priority” neighbourhoods by providing FREE clothing.

Last year alone, New Circles helped over 4,978 families, averaging about 25 families per day and distributed over 170,000 items of clothing!

After visiting their operation we were blown away by the amazing staff, the operation and as you can imagine the statistics. As a result we are here to declare a CALL-T0-ACTION. New Circles is in desperate need of clothes for young men. We all know the need for your kids to feel like they belong especially in elementary school and highschool. So why not donate some of your “old” clothes so these young kids who can’t afford to buy simple necessities like “skinny jeans” have something they’d love.

Dig in and Dig deep because we need it ALL!!

  1. Clothes (Those skinny jean that you don’t fit into? Those are perfect for these kids)
  2. Shoes (You know those loafers that are sitting at the bottom of your closet collecting dust? Yea we NEED those)
  3. Formal Wear (That suit you wore at your Highschool Prom/graduation, imagine giving that to a young guy who has nothing)
  4. Accessories (Bags, bracelets, necklaces, backpacks, fitteds, snapbacks)

We NEED IT ALL  and we need it now. Please drop by New Circles Community Services located at 10 Gateway Blvd, Suite 100, Toronto and donate to your hearts content.

** We NEED small sizes (28 waist, xs shirts, size 6-9 shoes etc) so if need be go into your younger brothers closet and take his stuff too!

To learn more about New Circles click here: