[Review] Dove MEN+Care Expert Shaving Range


For those of you that follow us on instagram you would’ve noticed that we recently received the Dove MEN+Care Expert Shaving Range to try out. After 3-weeks of intensive use here is what we thought. For starters, we commend the Dove team on their great packaging, the sleek grey/metalic exterior definitely appealed to our masculine sensibilities, including those of our female friends. It makes us look serious about your skincare without getting fussy about skincare. The expert shaving range features an exfoliating pre-shave scrub, softening pre-shave oil, soothing shave cream, total comfort shave cream, and the post-shave repair balm. Now while all that sounds really fancy, we’re here to break it all down for you and to hopefully shed some light on what works and what doesn’t. Let start in the order that Dove suggests we use their products:


Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub: $21.99 (150ml)

Pre-shave scrub: Made up of those tiny sand particles, this scrub is surprisingly better than most we’ve tried. For starters

  • Your skin is left feeling exfoliated but not sucked of all its moisture.
  • The scrub rinses easily which is a big deal if you have facial hair. Nothing is more irritating than spending as much time to get sand out of your beard as you would taking your full shower.
  • It is mildly scented which is great for people that are sensitive to that stuff, though personally we don’t mind a little aroma therapy.


Softening Pre-Shave Oil: $21.99 (35ml)

Softening pre-shave oil: Not overly oily this product is a nice to have but not a must-have unless…

  • You have a beard. What we liked about the pre-shaving oil was that it came really handy for some of us that have facial hair. Given its oil like properties, the pre-shaving oil can actually double as a shaving oil making it easy for us to see where we are shaving when sculpting our man-beards.
  • If used for its intended purpose, the oil is great at keeping the skin moist pre & post shave. Which begs the question if you really need the aftershave balm?


Smoothing Shave Cream: $21.99 (150ml)


Total Comfort Shave Cream: $25.99 (200ml)


Soothing shave cream & Total comfort shave cream: We recommend either or because essentially they do the same thing. If you’re a single blade kinda guy, we recommend the later, if you’re a quadruple razor kinda guy, we recommend the former. Why? Simply because of the dispensing unit, the pump action seem more appropriate for the mach 3 type razors vs the classic single blade. No matter which one you choose here’s what you need to know:

  • The biggest thing about this product and quite possible the best thing about it is that it’s a cream.
  • Cream is what real barbers have used for decades and it’s truly what works best. It keeps the skin and hair moist, it rinses easily and doesn’t leave all that “foam” mess on the dispenser.
  • Trust us, and throw out all those other gels and foams because they’re messy, leave your skin dry and cause more damaged than when you started. Most of these products also cause premature aging, just saying.


Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm: $25.99 (50ml)

Post-shave repair balm: The act of shaving in itself is a form of exfoliation, which is why it is really important to fully restore the moisture back to your face after you’re done shaving. You may not need this step if you’re using both the pre-shave oil and the shaving cream, but if you suffer from problem skin or extra dry skin we strongly recommend this step in addition to the other. The post-shave balm is:

  • Quite light and mildly scented.
  • It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily and absorbs really quick.
  • Unlike other after-shave creams or gels you really don’t need a lot of this product to get all the benefits.

This product is Freshly Certified!