TOMFW S/S16 Recap – 5 Shows You Need to Know

A couple weeks ago I attended the third season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. A wide variety of designers both established and unknown presented collections that showed that in menswear today, anything goes. From bright pink suits to oversized bomber jackets with 1/2 length sleeves, men have come a long way from including a pop of color or print to enhance the wardrobe. Here are the top 5 designers you need to know from TOMFW Spring/Summer 2016 shows.

Philippe Dubuc

Hot off winning the Menswear designer of the year at the Canadian Fashion & Arts Awards, Philipe Dubuc didn’t slow down, presenting a strong collection that blended his signature mix of tailoring and sportswear. From a slim cut suit paired with a slouchy tank and trainers to more technical pieces such as a fishtail parka with compression shorts and black sneakers, Dubuc continued to show his versatility and evolution as a designer.


3. Paradis

Building on the momentum from their F/W15 show at World MasterCard Fashion week, was everyone’s favorite newcomer 3. Paradis. They continued to develop their blend of Japanese influenced streetwear with a tightly curated collection consisting of staples such as bombers, joggers and shorts. Highlight looks included a kimono shirt with a detachable buckle and a blazer paired with joggers and sandals.

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Ante Meridiem

Easily the most innovation collection of the week was EDMA newcomer Ante Meridiem. Blending Japanese tailoring with American sportswear, looks such as a turtleneck and skirt paired with sneakers were strangely wearable. With traditional preconceptions in fashion dying every day, it was a welcome change to see Ante Merdiem push the envelope in a market that’s not known for innovation.

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Thomas Henry

Inspired by the French Riviera, Thomas Henry’s inaugural collection was a refreshing take on french tailoring. Slim cut jackets & trousers were on display in a light color palette consisting of blues, browns and pinks. A cobalt double-breasted blazed paired with matching short and brown loafers shoes made us eager to see what he could do with a full runway presentation.


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Christopher Bates

Arguably the most anticipated designer of the week was Christopher Bates presenting his second collection since re-locating to Milan full-time. Bates full repertoire was on display from razor sharp tailoring to traditional American sportswear pieces. Soft pink and purple pastel denim jackets stood next to full cut double breasted blazers and tuxedos jackets creating a complete wardrobe for the modern man.

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(All photos courtesy of Shayne Gray)