Ghosts Of Ancient Mountains By Harrison Taylor Premieres at Coldstream Fine Art

On October 30th Coldstream Fine Art (80 Spadina Ave STE. 208) debuts the release of Toronto based artist Harrison Taylor’s newest exhibition, Ghosts of Ancient Mountains.

Running from October 30th until December 1st, this will be Harrison’s debut exhibition at Coldstream Fine Art. Ghosts of Ancient Mountains defies comfort and explores nature through the need for survival. The exhibition explores Harrison’s connection to nature as he left civilization and took refuge upon on an uninhabited island in Georgian Bay.

To learn more about the exhibition we sat down with the artist himself, Harrison Taylor for an exclusive Q & A:

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

FEM – When building your studio, why did you move out of Toronto and up to Georgian Bay?

HT – I discovered Georgian Bay over three years ago now, and it was a love and deep connection at first site. There is something about the wisdom in its history, the power in its rawness and awe in its vastness that is humbling yet reassuring. It’s now a place I go to have my soul nourished and let ideas flourish. On top of that, the studio is on an island, quite isolated from the cacophony of the outside world. I love this feeling of being completely alone – no distractions, no phone, no noise – it’s here that I can tap into a state of deeper clarity and focus.

FEM – Did spontaneity play a big role in your exhibition?

HT – Absolutely, how did you know? Spontaneity most usually plays a significant role in my works, and in a broader sense, the way I live my life. It keeps me guessing, engages me with the moment at hand, and encourages the exploration of the unfamiliar. In the case of this show, I was drawn to this island during a sunrise kayak ride on a still glass lake, without specific motivation or direction. Once I settle in with my subject my process of discovery is largely led by that intuition. The greater I am able to let go of that critical consciousness, the more connected I feel.

FEM – What does this exhibition mean to you?

HT – It means something deeper than the works themselves even mean to me. The exhibition attempts to describe my relationship with nature, which in many ways is the foundation of who I am, what I think about, and where I situate my existence within the greater context of my reason for being.

FEM – What is next for you? Will you go back to this island for future work?

HT – Certainly, I’m not even close to being done with it. It’s a small island, but every square inch of it is magical in the way it tells stories of its creation over a billion years of evolution. We may not be able to see this change, but the change is made ever-present in the way the light, water and atmosphere actively engage with it. That said, my work is always evolving, most usually from pre-conceived works and ideas, so what lies ahead will most likely be an extension of what I learned from my experiences from this series.

Trained as a photographer, Harrison Taylor works with multi-media to create a transmedia fusion of the abstract paired within traditional representations. Educate your mind with Coldstream Fine Art at Harrison Taylor’s newest exhibit.

Check out Ghosts of Ancient Mountains running from October 30th- December 1st.