How to Shave Properly (and avoid those annoying bumps!)

“Recent research indicates men who shave regularly are far more likely to have sex than men who don’t. “ Every man performs this ritual; some more frequently than others.  Ever since pre-historic men first scraped a seashell across their cheeks, shaving has been a part of the male experience and been passed down from father […]

Summer Fresh!

Good skin ain’t just for chicks or people that are homosexually inclined: it is and should be for everyone! In a day and age where first impressions are key, maintaining your skin is quintessential in separating yourself from the pack. We love women that that look flawless and whether you know it or not, women […]

Summer Body-X

This is the mother of all work-outs, you will cry, you will be in pain, you will hurt in places that you never thought you had muscles. That is the reality of P90x! They say extreme for kicks, they are serious. I’m sure some of you have seen the infomercials for this program and have […]