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Manifesto Festival September 20 2009 @ Nathan Phillip's Square
Manifesto Festival September 20 2009 @ Nathan Phillip's Square

For 5 days, Toronto showcased its creative talent and artistic know-how for the world to revel in.  But most importantly, Toronto educated the world on what our communities strive to achieve on a constant basis.  Manifesto 2009 once again defined our city-wide movement as one that fosters and betters ingenuity and innovation.  Through music, art and workshops, our city proved to the world why it is ranked among the best.  And to quote a legend in the music industry:

“From Mayor David Millers support of hip hop and the the financial support of the Canadian government. Tdot is it.  Say what you want….but Toronto, Canada is the Hip Hop capital of the world.” 9th Wonder on Twitter

Words can only describe a fraction of what went on during Manifesto 2009.  So, we’ll just let the images and music speak for themselves…

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ROM: Vanity Fair Portraits 1913-2008


star-studded exhibition opens saturday september 26 2009

Opening at the Royal Ontario Museum on September 26 2009 (and running through to January 3 2010), Toronto will host an extraordinary exhibition entitled: Vanity Fair Portraits 1913-2008.  This is the first major exhibition to bring together the magazine’s historic archive of rare vintage prints with its contemporary photographs that have made Vanity Fair iconic.  Presented by the Bay, and a collaboration between Vanity Fair and the National Portrait Gallery London, the ROM will be the only Canadian venue to display Vanity Fair Portraits, and this will be its first showing in eastern North America.

Throughout its 95-year history, Vanity Fair magazine has helped define the public persona of some of the most influential individuals in the world. The exhibition brings together a collection of captivating images of cultural icons from the magazine’s vintage and modern periods. Sitters range from Claude Monet, Amelia Earheart and Jesse Owens to David Hockney, Arthur Miller and Madonna, as well as legendary Hollywood personalities from Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo, to Demi Moore and Tom Cruise. The magazine’s mix of artistic seriousness and popular celebrity means that portraits of writers, artists and leaders of the avant-garde will be displayed alongside images of actors, musicians and athletes, providing a fascinating range of high and popular culture.

A unique glimpse into pop culture during a span of over 9 decades, we take a deeper look into this once and a lifetime art opportunity.

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How To Care For Your Jeans


In today’s world we all own at least 2 pairs of jeans.  We say this very conservatively as we know most people in our circle own close to 10.  By far, jeans are the most popular piece of clothing in anyone’s closet, fashionably inclined or not.  Yet only a handful of us truly know how to take care of our jeans.  So much in the flavour of our previous “How To” posts, we guide you through the do’s and don’t’s of how to take care of those 7’s, Nudies, Rock’s, Levis, Diesel’s and even H&M jeans.

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Fall-Winter 2009/2010: New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

3.1 Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Michael Bastian, Trovata
3.1 Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Michael Bastian, Trovata

new york’s mercedes-benz fashion week fall-winter 2009/2010

From February 13 to 20 2009, presented over the course of 7 days, the Americans were set to showcase their collections in New York.  Despite New York’s reputation as a city that lives and breathes creative ingenuity, the Americans this season steered clear of the extravagance and new silhouettes that were so prominent a couple weeks prior during Paris Fashion Week. The designers at New York Fashion Week played it fairly safe for their Fall-Winter 2009/2010 menswear collections.  Gone were the extravagant dandies of past years and in their place were the rugged American casual man in denim and leather, or the no-nonsense business man chic in charcoal or black.  The overall silhouette stayed with slim-fitting pants and tailored jackets, though many designers used a layered look, relieving the formality of jackets with long chunky knit sweaters underneath to make a statement without losing the wearability of the clothing itself.  Perhaps the mundaneness that was shown in New York was the result of the global economic climate at that time, as designers were in the mindset of longevity rather than trends.  Whatever the case, New York proved once again that classicism will always play a pivotal role in menswear.

Emerging from New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week were 3 keys trends:

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LG Fashion Week Designer Spotlight: Bustle Clothing

Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow of Bustle Clothing
Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow of Bustle Clothing

We start off our countdown to the opening of LG Fashion Week in October with an introduction to the menswear designers that are presenting at this year’s week-long fashion extravaganza.  Each and everyone of these menswear designers represent our city (and country) in the fashion world, and not to mention, they all educate the world on the definition of Toronto chic.  We feel that it is imperative for all male Torontonians to be well versed on these home grown talents as their creativity is reflective of our city as a whole.  So, get yourself familiarized with these home grown menswear designers as they are set to show the world of fashion what Toronto is all about in October.

In our inaugural post, we delve into the world that is Bustle Clothing…

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My Toronto

A picture says 1000 words.  In this age of hustle and bustle, we tend to forget that our city has amazing visuals that tell our story.  We may pass by an intersection, a road, a building, a person, a shop many times without appreciating its beauty.  Every week we want to give you a unique perspective from a local Toronto photographer through their eyes.

What they capture may tell an untold story.

The Mayor's people - "The Manifesto crowd, after I declared Sept 21 International Day of Peace."
The Mayor's people - "The Manifesto crowd, after I declared Sept 21 International Day of Peace."

Shot by Mayor David Miller of

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